“Erin Gorski is a lovely, complicated, talented and extremely hard working actress. She possesses a strong voice, has excellent language skills and moves beautifully. Her talent is strong and she is very intelligent, but what is most impressive about Erin is her determination and mature sense of self-discipline.”
-Kate Maguire, Artist Director, Berkshire Theatre Festival

“Erin brings a great deal of maturity and integrity to her work, as well as a diversity of skills. Her ability to manage serious as well as comic material, a strong sense of language and an exceptional physical control and presence are all a part of her range of skills. She is able to read and analyze difficult textual material and brings an exceptional enthusiasm and discipline to the discovery process. Her rehearsal skills, focus, commitment and generosity of spirit are first rate. She is a generous performer and collaborator, works well with her fellow actors and contributes enormously to an ensemble or company environment.”
-Eric Hill, Chair in Creative Arts at Brandeis University

“I love her attention to detail, from before her entrance to after the exit. She does something I adore in watching performers, change the room size and temperature by what she brings and takes away from the room. The show kicks off with a great bang with her focus and energy and she takes me on a profound emotional journey from start to end.”
-Henning Hegland, Founder of The Scandinavian American Theater Company